How To Get Free Tik Tok Followers Through Tool?

If you are looking to boost your Tik Tok profile without spending any amount, then you are in the right spot.

Many Tik Tok users spend whopping amounts to increase their views and followers on their profiles, but has eradicated the usage of money to boost their social media profiles.

Introduction also known as a VIP tool provides free followers to all its Tik ToK users.

This tool was well known by the name VIP tool but recently it has been replaced with the domain name “”.

It is a third-party social hack app that has made it easy for all Tik Tok users to boost their post engagement.

This social hack app allows its users to enhance their followers or views on their Tik Tok profiles without spending any amount. is perfectly working across several regions of the world and compensating many Tik Tok users to boost their accounts.

This is a web-based application that permits the users to increase their followers and view to an unlimited number. APK is available to all Android and Windows users across the globe.

This web-based app is not accessible to IOS users due to its strict security system. is available in APK file format that only supports Android/Windows versions.

This app has a file size of 5.4MB which covers less space on your devices.

It has particularly designed to grant the free views and free followers to the Tik Tok accounts of the users. Tik Tok likes

This social hack app has made it easy for millions of Tik Tok users to boost their post engagement and reachability of their content to the targeted audience. was designed to grant free views on the video content and to provide the free followers to all the Tik Tok users.

This social hack app is equally feasible for all the Old/New profiles, as it provides followers, likes, and views to all the profiles irrespective of the account’s age.

Users can boost their followers and can get likes on their video content without spending whopping amounts, unlike other social hack apps or tools.

Is not working anymore? is still working and providing its users with the maximum desired results.

This social hack app has recently changed its domain name that’s why many users are unable to find this tool when they search on Google “”.

Users need to search on Google “Viptools or Vipto” to get access to this application.

More than that, we may say this application is the second name of the Zefoy app.

How to use

  • Users need to search on Google “” to have access to this social hack app.
  • Once the access is granted, Now download the application to use its free/premium services.
  • After downloading the application, install it in the desired location.
  • Open the application, Enter the “Word” or fill the “CAPTCHA” and press the “Submit”.
  • Now choose the desired action of your choice, when the new tab will open.
  • To proceed further, provide ‘The URL” of your Tik Tok video or profile and press the option of “Search”.
  • If you have chosen the “Likes/Views” option, then click the option “Send hearts”.
  • You will get the desired result quite shortly.

Benefits of application

Grant free followers, likes, and views.

Secure platform and provides free followers, but few followers may unfollow.

It Provides unlimited free followers and views.

Increase post reachability to the target audience.

Offer premium services to get the maximum result within a short span of time.

Individuals can use Paypal services to get the premium services of


File formatAPK file format
LanguageEnglish language
File size5.4MB
Scanning reportNo malware detection
Developed byKetuy

Advantages & Disadvantages

Unlimited free followers, likes, and viewsThe bulk of ads and promotion activities
Offer free and premium servicesRequire log-in details to provide the desired result
Accessible for all the users across the regionOrder proceeding time is high
The file size is just 5.4MB that not occupy too much space on your deviceFollowers are permanent, but sometimes it reduces when real-time IDs got penalized by the Tik Tok
Uses real-time IDs to provide followers or viewsNot accessible for IOS users
Spam free and secure platform with 100% authenticityProvide the results with the involvement of a third party tool
No malware detectionApp gets down when the server is too busy

Alternatives of the app

There are plenty of social hack app or tools that are working in the same manner as and provides free followers, likes, and views to their Tik Tok users.

These apps are offering free and premium services to their users.

Premium services of these apps are quite costly and charge whopping amounts from the users to grant them views or followers.

All these social hack apps or tools have the same functionality and process as, to boost the Tik Tok profiles of the users.

 These apps are Zefoy, Nakrutka, My tools town, Tik followers, Turbo followers, Igbest, Famoid free followers,  freegetfollowers,,, etc.

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Is it a secure platform? not only provides free followers or views to all its Tik Tok users but also protected their information.

This app has SSL certification that indicates its authenticity. is a 100% secure platform and spam-free site that permits its users to boost their Tik Tok profiles. never breaches the user’s data and protects the information provided by the users. 

This app has secure SSL certification and 200k+ downloads that stamp its authenticity.

Final words also known as a VIP tool helps all Android users to boost their Tik Tok profiles by offering free/premium services. is a 100% secure platform that has made it easy for all those users, who were used to spending massive amounts to boost their Tik Tok profiles.

 This app provides genuine followers and views from the Real working IDs that stamp its authenticity.

There are a lot more features are associated with this social hack app that makes it worthy among the competitors.

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