How To Get Free Tik Tok Followers Through Zefoy App?


Zefoy is a third-party tool that allows all its social media users to increase their presence or reachability without spending any amount.

This tool provides the promotion to its users without charging specific amounts from them.

It grants free comments. Likes followers and views on their users’ social media profiles.

Zefoy has made it pretty easy for all the users to enhance their presence &post reachability.  

This social hack app is perfectly working in Indonesia and facilitates all the users of Indonesia without charging amount from them

Zefoy apk download

This social hack app is available in APK file format and accessible for all Android users across the world.

Zefoy app works with the involvement of a third-party tool, that’s why it only supports Android devices.

This app is not accessible for IOS users due to its intensive security care system.

Zefoy is available in APK file format having a file size of 9,7MB prior to the update.

Users can have direct access to the app by clicking on the link.  

Zefoy Download

This social hack app is available for download with a file size of 9.7MB prior to the update.

With the latest update, the file size further shrinks to 3.7MB covering quite less space on your device.

Zefoy is perfectly working for all Android users and Android users can download this app to get facilitated with the services of this social hack app.

Zefoy tik tok

This app is perfectly working for all the Tik Tok users to enhance their profiles.

It grants free followers and views on its user’s video content without charging a single penny from them.

Zefoy equally grants free followers and views to all the users on their Tik Tok profiles.

This app has made it easy for all the new accounts to flourish within no time.

It has eradicated the concept of money to boost the Tik Tok profile as it permits to get followers and views without spending a specific amount. tik tok views

This app grants not only free followers on Tik Tok to its users but also facilitate the users to get Views on their video content.

Zefoy app permits the users to increase the views on their video content without charging them.

Users just need to provide the Url of their video or log-in credentials to get facilitated by the Zefoy.

Zefoy for Instagram

Zefoy is a social hack tool that boosts the social media profiles of its users.

This app is equally feasible for all the social media users and works on all social media apps like; Instagram, Tik Tok, youtube, etc.

Zefoy grants its users free likes, and comments on their Instagram accounts and provides free followers as well.

This app allows you to get unlimited followers and likes within a short span of time. Instagram users can boost their profiles by getting followers from a real-time working ID without spending any amount.

Zefoy YouTube

Zefoy app grants all its users to boost their YouTube channel or content by awarding them with free views or subscribers.

This app allows all the YouTube channels to get flourish by getting free subscribers from real-time users and by getting views on their video content. Users need to provide the URL of their video content or log-in details to boost their YouTube channel.

Zefoy updates

Zefoy app is available now with the latest updated version having a file size of 3.7MB. This app was available for all the users across the globe with the old version having a file size of 9.7MB with the update of this app.

Not only is file size reduced but also new features are added to facilitate the users.

With the latest update, users can unlimited followers, views, and likes on their social media profiles.

The latest update has also shrunk the order proceeding time for the users.

Users guide

  • To get the desired result, Users need to search “Zefoy” on Google or can directly have access by clicking on the link.
  • After access is granted, Users need to fill out the “CAPTCHA” to have access to the new tab.
  • To proceed further, choose the desired “Option” shown in the below picture.
  • Now users need to provide the “URL” of their post to get the result.
  • Enter the URL and press the option “Search”.
  • Now users need to “Preview” the post, and proceed further.
  • After “Preview” your post, Choose the option of “Send” and you will get the desired result within 30 minutes. 

Zefoy features

  • Users can get the desired result even without providing the log-in details.
  • The unlimited number of followers, likes, comments, and views.
  • Users can get the desired result by just providing the URL of their content.
  • No subscription charges, unlike other social hack tools or apps.
  • This social hack app is available for Mobile users and Desktop users.
  • User-friendly interface with extremely fast & quick features.
  • 100% authentic and spam-free.


File size3.7MB
File formatAPK file
VersionLatest version
Developed byZEFOY.ID
Latest updateUpdated on the march, 2022
Ratings4.5 star

Advantages & Disadvantages

The file size is too shortMajorly working in Indonesia
100% Authentic and spam-freeFollowers may unfollow due to unknown reasons
Provide followers with real working IDsPromotion and ads can interrupt
Not require “Log-in”  details in many casesOnly accessible for Android users Not work for IOS users
App available in two versionsThe app doesn’t update automatically
Free followers, likes, and commentsThe app works with third party involvement

Zefoy alternatives

There are many apps that allow its users to boost their social media profile same as Zefoy permits its users.

These apps offer paid or free services to all users to enhance their presence on social media.

Many of the apps work in the same manner as Zefoy does, but require log-in details or grant a limited number of likes or followers.

Apart from all the facts, these social hack apps or tools can be considered the alternatives to the Zefoy.

These apps are “My tools town”, “”, “Nakrutka”, “Tik followers”, “Free get followers”, “Famoid followers”, “”. etc.

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Final words

Zefoy is also known as Zefoy.ID made it easy for all social media users to boost their accounts.

This app is perfectly working across Indonesia and gradually getting fame across the world.

Zefoy grants an unlimited number of followers, likes, and comments within a short span of time making it attractive for all social media users.

The app is spam-free and provides desired order within no time.

There are several key features are attached to the Zefoy.ID is paving the way for its success not only in Indonesia but also across the world.

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