Amazon prime videos- Features and Specifications

amaazon prime videos


Amazon prime videos get an enormous fan base during the pandemic when the people prioritize streaming platforms rather than cinemas or theaters.

It is a US-based digital company that permits users to watch different genre content on a single platform.

Amazon prime videos work in the same manner as Netflix, Queenslandmax or other digital platforms do.

It was enlisted on September 07, 2006, in the USA and initially served the American people.

Later on, this streaming platform spread its services worldwide except few countries where its services were prohibited.

This streaming platform starts with a one-month free trial prior to a monthly subscription that costs around 8.99$ per month.

These charges are for a standalone subscription while for full prime membership, users need to pay 12.9$ per month.

amazon prime login

Customers can have direct access to this streaming platform by searching on Google.

After having access to the app, Users need to pay the subscription charges to enjoy the content available on amazon prime video.

Once the user choose the premium plan and paid the amount, Amazon will grant the log-in details to catch the entertainment of their platform.

Users can set the password and username according to their choice and can have access to this streaming app. movies

Amazon prime videos permit the audience to catch the different genres of movies from the various film industries around the globe.

If Users can watch Hollywood action movies on this platform then they have access to the Indian movies as well.

Amazon prime videos offer different movies from Action to Tragedy, from Sci-fi to classical & from fiction to reality-based content.

This streaming platform along with movies also offers many reality and fiction-based shows to its customers.

Amazon prime/myTV

This streaming platform grants access to its users to the Tv shows through the MYTV facility.

Users can watch all the shows in various languages on this single platform. Users can use the Amazon Fire TV stick to have access to the Amazon prime video content on their TV devices.

Amazon prime/Mytv option is only working on a smart TV, users can watch the content after providing their amazon prime log-in details.

Amazon prime video is tremendously facilitating the Indian audience when it comes to TV shows.

This streaming platform has produced many blockbuster Tv shows for the Indian audience in Hindi/English language.

This platform is grabbing the attention of the users from the various parts of the globe with its dynamic Tv shows. English shows produced by Amazon prime video are gaining the attention of the users.

Amazon prime Uk

This web-based streaming app is contributing to the English audience with its different genres of Tv shows and movies.

Amazon prime video is successfully operating in the U.K. and grabbing the attention of the users with its content.

People-based in the U.K. can have access to a full prime subscription to this streaming platform and enjoy the content of the various entertainment industries.

Amazon prime gaming

Amazon prime video also facilitates users with the option of video gaming.

Users can have access to the prime gaming once they subscribe to its monthly/Annually subscription plan.

With the prime gaming option, users can have access to the library of the free pc and mobile games.

Individuals can even win free pc games or mobile games through this platform.

Users can have access to prime gaming by clicking this option.

Customers can have access to the blockbuster games after paying the amounts on the garb of paid subscriptions.

Amazon Prime India

Amazon prime video is facilitating many users across India with its unique content.

This streaming platform allows the Indian audience to catch the entertainment of the world.

India’s audience can utilize its services after subscribing to its monthly or annual subscription.

Amazon prime videos contain Hollywood content as well as Bollywood content to entertain the people based in India.

Indian users can catch the entertainment of this streaming platform by availing of its premium services.

Amazon prime video subscription

To access the content of the amazon prime video, users need to subscribe to its basic subscription plan.

Users in Germany, the United States, and the United kingdom can access it without a subscription.

In some countries like Itlay, India, Turkey, Australia, France, and Canada, it is accessible through dedicated websites.

Amazon prime video allows its users to subscribe to the other Amazon-based channels that are providing the content through amazon prime videos.

Users can enjoy unlimited content by just paying 8.99$/Monthly.

Amazon Prime membership

Amazon prime video allows its users to enjoy different categories of movies, films, and TV shows of the world.

Users just need to get the membership prior to access to its services.

Amazon prime video holds the different genre content of the various countries and Entertainment industries for its members.

It allows its users to watch additional content from the video channels under the Amazon prime video platform by paying its membership fee.

Its membership costs around 139$ per year for the users.

For standalone membership, users need to pay 8.9$ while for full prime membership customers have to pay 12.9$.


  • Users can get a discount on annual subscriptions.
  • It allows the users to subscribe for one month only.
  • Many users of specific countries can access it via a dedicated website.
  • Unlimited content from various entertainment industries.
  • This streaming platform Offers prime gaming to its users.

Pros and Cons

Content of different genres on a single platformThe monthly subscription fee is comparatively expensive to competitors.
Monthly and Annual subscription offersHave limited Music options for the users
Additional video channels accessSometimes Privacy issues occur
100% spam free contentNot accessible in a few countries
Exclusive discounts on Amazon productsHave a limited option for standalone members
Free access to Amazon prime reading18+ content as some shows contain violent content

Alternatives of Amazon prime video

Amazon prime video is facilitating the users in the same way as other streaming platforms do.

The primary focus of the streaming platforms is to facilitate the users across the globe.

These streaming platforms are HBO, HULU, Showtime, MLB TV, Cinemax, PGA tour live, Queenslandmax, etc.

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 Final verdict

This streaming platform serves many users across the world and provides them with different facilities.

Amazon prime video has eradicated the concept of cinemas or theaters as users can enjoy entertainment by sitting in their homes.

There are several features that make this streaming platform really worthy for the customers and pave the way for its success.

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