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Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the City of Historic Theater, beeches, Hub of Entertainment, Paramount pictures, Zoo, and many more to define the worth of this place.

This city is located in the California State of America, the largest city in the state and the second-largest city in the United States of America.

Los Angeles is famous for its Weather, beaches, and Entertainment Industry.

This city has cultural diversity as many habitants settled there belongs to the different regions, race, and creed of the world.

Los Angeles is famous for “the city of opportunities”, as it’s a hub of the entertainment industry and many people across the world come here to try their luck in the entertainment industry.

Many people around the world choose this city for their holidays.

Best places to visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not famous as an Entertainment hub, but also well-reputed for its tourist spots.

Many tourists visit this city around the world every year.

There are many monumental places are there that attract tourists towards there. These places are

Los Angeles Map

This is a famous place in Los Angeles city where individuals get to know about the places and landmarks of this city.

Hollywood walk of fame

This famous place was opened in 1960 and at that time it was just started with the 25 stars, now it owns 2500+ stars on its sidewalk.

These stars are also consider as the monuments of Entertainer’s achievements.

Griffith Park

This monumental landmark was opened in 1935 and owns the Griffith observatory where individuals can explore the city and view the famous Hollywood sign as well.

Along with Griffith observatory, there is Griffith park located on 4100 acres, the largest park in the United States. 

Hollywood Bowl

This landmark was opened back in 1922 and now it’s considered the most visited place in Los Angeles by tourists.

People can explore music, drama, and fountains at the entrance of this landmark and it becomes pretty eye-catching during the fireworks.

The designer of this landmark is George Stanley.

Universal Studios Hollywood

This famous monument is located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.

It is also consider as the oldest monument in Los Angeles, built in the early 1900s.

Universal Studios of Hollywood started with the studios and alter on expanded over time.

Now it includes a Theme park, Cafes, and Famous theaters. Santa Monica Boulevard/Pier

Chinese Theater

Chinese theater was built back in 1927 to amuse people with entertainment.

This Chinese theater is located near the Hollywood walk of fame.

Chinese theater hosted many premieres of the movies including the famous movie Star wars and the worldwide famous Academy Awards.

Santa Monica Pier

This landmark exists next to the Monica neighborhood and contains a lot of beaches, a Roller-coaster, Markets, and a Ferris wheel.

The neighborhood of Santa Monica Pier is enriched with the cultural values that attract tourists to this spot.

Walt Disney concert hall

It was started in 1987 with the investment of 50M$ by the Lillion Disney.

This famous Concert hall is located in downtown LA and was opened in 2003.

Walt Disney Concert hall was designed by Frank Gehry.

There are many attractive spots this landmark owns but the garden on the rooftop is the main attraction for the tourists.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

This famous museum was the part of Los Angeles museum of science, history, and arts before broke up in 1961.

Los Angeles County Museum of art was opened again in 1965 with the innovation.

 This museum contains so much to offer to the people that pay a visit to this place.

From special exhibitions to permanent collections, this landmark has so much to offer to the visitors.

Los Angeles museum of art offers the diverse culture of the world and many monuments of the ancient civilization.

The Getty

This museum was started back in 1974 by the J. Paul Getty, that’s was it’s known as Getty.

The Getty Museum has a diverse collection of paintings, drawings, and photography for visitors. J.

Paul Getty started this museum on his private property located in Malibu, California.

This place is also famous for its gardens and tram ride through which visitors can explore many points of the city.

In 2006 this place was renovated and opened for the people to study the arts and culture of ancient Greece, Etruria, and Roman civilization.

Union station

This station was built in 1939 and it was considered the gateway to the California dream.

With the advancement in the transport facilities, this station has witnessed a reduction in the number of passengers.

Cars and planes took over the classic transport and so as passengers adopted the modern transport facilities.

This Union station used to be the transportation center of Los Angeles and remained the busiest spot for decades.

Till now it’s still considered the busiest spot in LA as people catch Subways, Trains, and buses at the same spot to reach their destinations.

This famous spot was included in the historic places in 1980.

Cathedral of our lady of Los Angles

This famous place was known for the Cathedral of Saint Vibiana before it got shattered due to the earthquake in 1994.

It was basically a church that got damaged by the earthquake and later in 1988 it was reconstructed and was officially renamed in 2002.

This church was named as Cathedral of the lady of Los Angeles to honor the Virgin merry and the name of the Los Angeles city.

Watts towers

This famous spot was constructed by the lone warrior of Italy.

It was constructed by Italian immigrant over the time span of 33 years and was finally completed in 1954.

Watts tower is made of steel only an Italian immigrant uses the Steel towers to build this monument.

Later on, in 1990, these towers were officially recognized as Historic landmarks of the state.

Los Angeles weather

Los Angles is famous for its sunny weather which really makes it attractive for the tourists and the people of America.

The temperature of this city is mostly mild and dry all the year.

This city has the most beautiful weather conditions in the United States of America as the temperature neither rises too much nor falls drastically.

December is the coolest month of the year when the temperature lies between 48°F-67°F.

July is the hottest month of the year with the average temperature is round about 22°C (72°F) and the peak time to visit LA is between Mar-May & Sep-Nov.

Los Angeles time

The Los Angeles time zone is accessible through this link and you can check out the time through that link and make your plans considering your regional time zone.

The current time of Los Angeles is almost 52 minutes ahead of solar time.

Here are the details as of now and Time difference from Los Angles city for the people located outside the Los Angeles.

Sunrise: 05:40A.M

Sunset: 08:02 P.M

Day length: Almost 14+ hours

Time DifferencesCity Name
+3 hoursNew York
+3 hoursToronto
+4 hoursSao Paulo
+8 hoursLondon
+9 hoursCairo
+9 hoursParis
+12.5 hoursMumbai
+11 hoursDubai
+15 hoursHong Kong
+15 hoursShanghai
+16 hoursTokyo
+17 hoursSydney
+9 hoursZurich
+10 hoursIstanbul

Los Angeles zip code

Every region of the world has its own unique Zip code that guides the people about the places.

Every place in the world from school to University, Office to café, and Police station to hospital contains a unique zip code that informed the individuals about these specific places.

Without a zip code, you can’t get reach your desired destination. The zip code of Los Angeles city is 90001-90899.

 Los Angeles Travel cost?

The prices of the hotel are different and vary from location to location. Prices of the hotel outside the side cost less compared to the hotels located in the middle of the city.

The average cost of an average bed in a room contains an overall three-bed cost of around 30-80$.

Similarly, the bed in a room contains overall six beds that cost around 25-60$.

Single bedroom with well-marinated bathroom costs around 90$ for a single night.

  • Two-star hotels: These sorts of hotels cost around 100$ per night containing the basics facilities like A/C, TV, and Wi-Fi.

  • Airbnb: There is also a lot of option for Airbnb in Los Angeles that cost differently.
  • The average room price through Airbnb cost around 80$-90$ while for the full apartment it cost between 180$-200$.

  • Food: The prices of food in Los Angeles, depends upon personal choices.
  • A bowl of Ramen, Sandwich, and Burritos cost around 9$.
  • Whereas the price of Tacos is 3$ while the Pupusa cost 4$.
  • Cheeseburgers cost 15$ approximately and the main dishes cost around 10-12$.
  • The price of pasta is about 20$ and Macdonald’s combo meal costs around 9$.

  • Drinks: The prices of the Wine depend upon the chosen brand of Alcohol. The average price of a single glass of wine cost around 10$ while beer cost 8$. Cappuccino cost 4.75$ and a bottle of water cost 2$.

The prices of all commodities mentioned above can be different or all depends upon the place or the restaurants you choose for yourself.

Estimated prices for a tour of Los Angeles

 FoodAccommodationTransportAttractionAverage cost per day
Low range15$-20$30$-35$10$-15$10$70$-80$
Expensive range115$-130$180$-200$35$-40$45$350$-400$
  • Low: The Budget for a low range costs between 70$-80$ including all the expenses. It includes all the necessities of basic life.
  • Mid-Range: The Budget for a low range costs between 70$-80$ including all the expenses. It includes all the necessities of basic life.
  • Expensive: The Budget for a low range costs between 70$-80$ including all the expenses.

Los Angeles travel guide

  • Los Angeles card: If you are a tourist and want to explore LA, then use this card for money savings.
  • It cost around 54$ and allows you to explore many places including museums, and other monumental places.

  • Redeem points: LA is the most expensive place in the USA and prefer to spend your redeem points while booking a room in LA.
  • Many hotels charge room rent along with parking fees that cost too much. So try to pay through credits and spend redeem points if you have to save your money.

  • Avoid expensive areas: there are some spots like Beverly Hills and Hollywood where you can catch many celebs but these places are quite costly.
  • So try to be there but never book your rooms there or eat from restaurants if you own the average budget for the tour.

  • Prefer to walk for a short distance: If your desired place is not at distance, then prefer to walk over local cabs.
  • Cabs are too much costly there and always prefer to travel by tram or public transport.

  • Prefer sharing transport: You can also choose the ride on sharing to save your money. Always prefer Uber for the cheaper ride as Local cabs cost too much.

  • Always prefer the ride-sharing option while choosing Uber or Lyft and use special promo codes ( Lyft: MATTHEW999 &  Uber: jlx6v). for to get the discounts between 10$-15$. These discounts are only valid once.

  • Bring a water bottle: Always keep a water bottle with you while exploring the tourist spots. The average cost of a water bottle is around 2$.

When to visit Los Angeles?

The weather in Los Angeles is mild mostly during the year but the prime time for the tour to LA is March-May & Sep-Nov.

Temperature of LA during this span of time feel mild or moderate and is considered the best time for the tour.

December is the coldest month and the temperature falls drastically while during the summer season the temperature rises to 30s°C.

Los Angeles travel guide-Booking options

Always book the best company for safe travel and here is the list of some of the top-notch companies that provides the best facilities to their users.

These companies are Skyscanner, Hostelworld, Booking.com, Get your ride, etc.

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