5 apps to get free followers on Instagram

5 apps to get free followers on Instagram

There are many social hack apps and tools that permit the users of social media to boost their post reachability and to get likes or free followers.

These social apps or tools work and grant the user’s number of followers on their social media account with the help of a third-party tool.

Many apps just require the username or URL of the post to grant the desired order.

Here is the list of the 5 most effective free apps to boost the number of followers on Instagram accounts.

Famoid free followers App

Famoid free followers is a web-based app that allows users to boost their Instagram followers through its paid or free services.

Users can get the number of followers by choosing the paid services of this app.

This app also allows users to get limited followers on their Instagram accounts through its free services.

Famoid free followers provide 24/7 customer support to its users to sort out their queries.

This app is accessible to all Android users around the globe and facilitates all Android users by granting free/Paid followers to them.

Famoid-free followers is not available for the IOS users as the IOS security system is totally controlled by Apple and it doesn’t allow the third party tool to operate.


  • Provide unlimited followers
  • Work on all Android devices
  • The file size is too short
  • Available in APK file format
  • Users friendly interface
  • Available in the English language
  • Rating is almost 5 star


  • Free/paid both services are available
  • Paid services are comparatively cheaper than other social hack tools
  • Order proceed time is short
  • Grant followers from real IDs
  • Spam-free and authentic platform


  • Third-party involvement
  • Apps stop working when the server is too busy
  • IOS users can use this app
  • Ads and promotions might lose your interest in using this app

Getmoreinsta App

This app is 100% free and spam-free.

Getmoreinsta app is a social hack app that works in the same manner as other social hack apps do.

This app just requires the username to provide the number of followers to its users.

Getmoreinsta never requires the password from the users to proceed with the order which makes it a more secure platform.

 The order proceeding time of this social hack app is between 20-40 minutes and provides a minimum of 15 followers to its users.

It allows the users to get free followers after every 24 hours.


  • Free app
  • Never require a password from the user
  • Proceed order within a short span of time
  • Getmoreinsta provides free likes along with free followers
  • Updated automatically


  • Free followers, likes, and comments on Instagram posts.
  • Never require passwords from the users
  • Provide followers from Real-time active IDs.
  • Never ask to complete “CAPTCHA”.


  • A third party is involved while granting the followers.
  • Followers may unfollow
  • Not available for IOS users
  • Users need to wait for 24 hours for the next order

Free get followers App

Freegetfollowers is a social hack app that grants free likes, followers, and comments to all Instagram users.

This app is perfectly facilitating the users based in the USA.

Getfreefollowers is also facilitating Instagram users around the globe with its services.

This app allows the users to get free followers after spending a specific amount of coins.

Users need to earn coins prior to getting free followers by Commenting or following the other profiles on Instagram.

The file size of this app is just 8MB that not cover too much space on your device.


  • Free app to use
  • This app is accessible to all users around the world.
  • The file size is just 8MB
  • Available in APK file format.
  • Equally feasible for new & old accounts.
  • Fast and smooth operational capacity.


  • Unlimited free followers and likes
  • Use real-time active accounts to provide free followers
  • Easy to operate
  • Use unknown accounts to grant free followers
  • App’s server never gets down
  • Friendly and smooth user interface
  • Spam-free


  • Third-party involvement
  • Order proceeding time is almost 3 hours
  • Not accessible for IOS users due to the strict security system of Apple.
  • Users need to earn coins before getting free followers
  • Award coins when users follow the other profiles

Fira Follower App

Fira follower is a web-based app that allows Instagram users to boost their profiles.

This app not only provides free followers but also facilitates the user with free likes and comments on your posts.

Fira follower has made it easy for all the user to boost their Instagram profiles without spending any money.

This app is a secure and spam-free platform that’s primary object to facilitate Instagram users with its unique services.

This app work in the same manner as “Getfreefollowers” does and requires the coins to grant the free followers.

Users need to earn coins by following other Instagram profiles and then have to spend these coins to get the free followers.


  • Free social hack app
  • Offer free likes and followers for your Instagram profile.
  • Spam free and 100% authentic.
  • Never banned the users to get coins
  • Never require a password from the user to proceed with the order.


  • The file size does not occupy too much space on the device
  • 100% accurate app
  • Unlimited followers
  • Use real-time IDs to provide followers to the users
  • The server never gets down
  • Never breach users’ data
  • Ratings are 4.5 star


  • Work only for Android devices
  • IOS users can’t use this app
  • Followers might unfollow
  • Available only in APK file format

Topfollow app

Topfollow app is a free app that permits users to get free Instagram followers without spending any amount.

Users can get benefit from this app by creating a demo insta account.

Through demo insta accounts you can provide hide the confidential details of your private Instagram account and can use the details of a demo account to get free followers. T

opfollow allows the users to get a number of followers without spending any amount.

This app is accessible through its website and all the users around the globe can use this app.


  • A free app that provides desired results to users.
  • Not require passwords that stamp its authenticity
  • 100 accurate result
  • Provide followers and likes
  • The file size is short
  • Users can get 10k followers within a month
  • Users can use the Demo Instagram account


  • Grant free followers
  • Equally good for old/New Instagram profiles
  • Use real active accounts not bots to grant followers to the users
  • Order proceeding time is short


  • Grant followers with the third-party tool
  • Apps get down on too many users
  • Have to log-in in Instagram account if not have a demo account
  • Followers may unfollow in future

Other social hack apps

There are many apps and tools that are working perfectly to facilitate Instagram users across the world.

These apps or tools provide number of followers, likes, and comments without charging any amount from the user.

All these apps or tools work with the involvement of the third-party tool and grant the users their desired result.

Most of the apps or tools are accessible for Android users and available in APK file format.

These social hack apps or tools do not work on the IOS devices due to their intense security system.

These apps or tools are, Nakrutka, My tools town, Insfree.net, Vipto.de, Fbsub.de, etc.

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The primary objective of all these sorts of apps is to facilitate the users with number of followers and likes on their Instagram profiles.

All the above-mentioned apps are providing followers to all the Instagram accounts without charging them.

 These apps can help you boost your profile and allows you to enhance your post reachability to the target audience.

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