December global holidays and festivals across the world

December global holidays and festivals across the world

December is the month that is full of traditional customs celebrations and festivals and it is also know as December global holidays month.

This month is also considered as the Global holiday month as it covers many traditions and holy festivals including Christmas, Hanukkah, St. Lucia day, St. Nicholas day, Winter solstice, Kwanzaa, and many more.

December is filled with the celebrations of traditional festivals and religious festive across the world.

This month is also considered as a month of events & celebrations.

December is a month that brings celebrations for the Christian and Jewish communities across the globe as both nations celebrated their religious festive of Christmas and Hanukkah in this month.

 We are discussing some festive that is celebrated during December every year.

Christmas( 25th December)

Christmas is a religious festival that is celebrated by the Christian community across the world on 25TH of December.

This holy festive is celebrated in the memory of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Christian community believed that Jesus Christ was the son of the God who was born on 25th December and people around the world celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ on this date and exchange gifts and sweets with each other.

Christmas is festive that is much awaited by the Christian community and is considered the special time when people wait for the gifts from the Santa clause, friends, and family.

Many people throw parties on Christmas for their friends and family members.

Many arranged special Christmas buffets for their friends and family.

Christmas is a day that is celebrated across the world, especially in the countries where the Christian community is in majority like; Australia, the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Kwanzaa (26th December)

Kwanzaa is the traditional, cultural, and heritage festive for the Africans of the world.

This festival’s celebration continues for a week across the world among the African community.

The African community wears traditional clothes of Africa during the celebration of Kwanzaa.

African community observes St. Lucia day and on this particular day they dressed up their eldest daughter in white dress.

This eldest daughter serves the baked goods and coffee on that particular day.  

African community serves ginger biscuits to the other member of the family and friend that pays a visit to their homes on that day.

Kwanzaa started on 26th December and last until the 1st of January.

During these days African community decorated their homes with fruits and vegetables and dress up in traditional clothes only.

During the celebration of Kwanzaa, the African community lights a Kinara (candle holder).

St. Nicholas day (5th December)

St. Nicholas has sold out all his assets for the purpose of charity and to serve the humanity and needy people around him.

He spent his entire life for humanity to help the poor people and other individuals suffering from different sorts of hardships around him.

Many people around the world now celebrate St. Nicholas day that starts on the eve of 5th December.

People around the world exchange chocolates, cards, and blow candles in the memory of St. Nicholas.

Hanukkah (28 Nov to 6TH December)

This festival is also known as Chanukah or Chanukkah starts from the evening of 28th November and lasts until the 6th of December.

Hanukkah is also known as the festival of the lights.

This festival is celebrated by the Jewish community around the world and people light the menorah during this day.

Jewish families have this menorah often at their homes and this menorah blow with the candle first.

This candle is used to blow other candles for the upcoming days with the chanting of Judaic blessings before and after lighting the candles.

St. Lucia day (13 December)

This day is particularly celebrated on 13th December in the memory of late St. Lucia that was an earlier Christian Martyr. St.

Lucia was killed after being suspected of providing food to the Christians that were hiding in the mazes of Rome.

People around the world especially in Sweden, Norway, and other European countries blow candles in the memory of late St. Lucia.

During the celebration, girls dress up in traditional dresses with the wreaths and candles on their heads

Winter solstice (20-23th December)

The winter’s solstice starts with the witness of the shortest day in the north and the longest day in the south.

The winter solstice often happens from 20th December- to 23rd December.  

Winter solstice on 20th December and 23th December is rare.

People celebrate these days by blowing candles and lighting up bonfires to welcome the winter.

New year’s eve (31st December)

This is the most celebrated day in every region of the globe.

People light up fireworks, bonfires, and blow up candles to welcome the new year.

People around the world chant blessings from God for the New Year and offer prayers that New Year brings happiness and joy for them.

Many people celebrate New Year’s night with their friends and families and host parties for each other.

In London, the majority spent the last day of the year with high music and dinner at restaurants. The 31st of December is celebrated on large scale in the entire world as it’s the end of the year according to the Georgian calendar.

Many people gathered at specific places before the clock turns to midnight on 31st December to welcome the New Year.

Omisaka (31st December)

Omisaka is a festival that is specifically celebrated across every region of Japan. On the 31st of December people clean out their homes and host parties or dinner for their friends and families. According to the omisaka festival, 31st December is known as the last day of the year in the Japanese calendar and on the eve Japanese people started celebrating the new year.

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