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The Tik Tok application has rapidly gained popularity among social media users.

This application allows the users to post & share their videos with each other.

Tik Tok has enabled many social media users to get famous through their talent among the audience.

A number of people got fame through this platform and now enjoy the status of celebrity in many countries.

All these individuals managed to boost their followers through their skills and talent to enjoy the status of celebrity.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about how you can boost your followers by using the application.


Kutuy is a based application that is used to get hearts, views, and followers on tik tok videos by the users.

This web-based application grants likes, Followers, and views to all the Tik Tok users by involving the third-party tool.

Ketuy is also considered the alternative to the Zefoy app as it has the same features as Zefoy. tik tok allows the Tik Tok users to boost their profile by getting free followers, Hearts, and views.

Tik Tok users can get the number of followers and hearts on their recordings videos.

This app enables users to boost their Tik Tok accounts without spending any amount. app equally works on the old or new Tik Tok accounts and benefits them by granting free followers, hearts, and views.

Ketuy TikTok likes

Ketuy Tik Tok app allows all the Tik Tok users to get likes on their video content without spending any amount.

This app has enabled the Tik Tok users to enhance their post reachability by getting free likes from the other users of the Tik Tok.

Ketuy apps work in a manner, that grants the number of likes on your content by using a third-party tool.

It provides the number of likes to you by using the real-time working Tik Tok IDs.

Ketuy tiktok followers

Ketuy Tik Tok app allows the users to get the number of followers.

This app grants the number of followers to all the Tik Tok users without charging any amount from them. provides the followers from the real-time working Tik Tok profiles that may unfollow in the future.

Users can get the facility of getting free Tik Tok followers by using this app after every 2 hours. hearts

Ketuy allows the Tik Tok users to get a number of free hearts on their video content.

This app allows many users across the globe to boost their Tik Tok profiles by getting free hearts on their content.

Users can simply provide their username and can get the desired order within 2 hours.

Ketuy never asks for passwords from the users to grant them free hearts which makes it more attractive for the Tik Tok users.

All the new or old Tik Tok accounts can get facilitated with the services of the Ketuy.

How to use Ketuy

  • Users need to have access to the app to get facilitated with its services.
  • Search “” on Google and download the application.
  • After downloading, install the application
  • Now open the app, and follow the steps.
  • After opening the app, Complete the “CAPTCHA”
  • Now click on the services, you want to use. Choose hearts, followers, or views from the tab.
  • Provide the “URL” of your account and click the option “Search”.
  • Afterward, your account will appear in front of you, click the option of “Send followers” and you will get the desired order within 2 hours.
  • The same process will be used to get Followers or views on your Tik Tok account.


File size5.14MB
File formatAPK format
Scan reportNo malware detected

Benefits of

  • Boost your popularity
  • Saves your time
  • Simple and secure platform
  • Users friendly interface


  • never breaches the user’s information or data
  • Never require a password from the users to grant them, followers
  • Require the username of your profile to facilitate you with the free followers
  • Users can get free hearts, followers, and views
  • Safe and spam-free application
  • Order proceeding time is too short
  • The file size is not large
  • Provide followers from real-time working IDs, never use bots.


  • Available only in APK file format
  • Not accessible for the IOS users
  • Available for all the Android users
  • Grant desires order with the Third-party involvement
  • Followers might unfollow you in future
  • Users can get facilitated with one service at a time.

Alternatives to

A number of web-based applications and tools are working as same as

All these tools or applications allow the users to get a number of followers, hearts, and views on their Tik Tok accounts.

These applications are, My tools town, Nakrutka, Fbsub, Famoid free followers,, Igfollowers, freegetfollowers, etc.

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Conclusion is a similar application to Zefoy and works in the same manner as Zefoy does.

This app allows users to boost their Tik Tok profiles without spending a single penny. grants a number of followers, hearts, and views on the content of Tik Tok users.

This app never requires passwords from the users to grant them their desired order that eradicate the doubts over its authenticity.

A number of features are involved with this app that makes it attractive for Tik Tok users.

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