How to Use Snapchat- Complete Guide & Features


Snapchat is a visual web-based entertainment stage where clients can share brief pictures and recordings.

Established in 2011, Snapchat has developed to become one of the top virtual entertainment stages on the planet.

As of July 2021, the platform has 293 million everyday clients and a development of 23% year on year.

Snapchat’s fame is due to its key features, for example, Snapchat lens and filters, which permit clients to change their appearance in imaginative ways.

The stage likewise offers an assortment of vivid and fun stickers that can be added to snaps.

Likewise, Snapchat’s “Accounts” work permits clients to string together a progression of photographs and recordings to make a story.

Stories can be seen by a client’s companions as a whole or can be unveiled so that anybody might be able to see them.

Snapchat additionally has an informing capacity that permits clients to send instant messages, photographs, and recordings to one another.

The application is accessible for iOS and Android devices.

Features of Snapchat

This social app permits its users to send messages, video recordings, photos, and graphic stories to their friends and social circle.

Snapchat also offers plenty of features like lenses, effects, and filters to its users without charging any amount from them.

This social app allows its users to accept friends’ invitations or can add people by searching out their names or by using snapcodes.

By accepting invitations from friends or by adding them to their Snapchat profiles, users would be able to create the streaks and send pictures or videos.

Users need to add each other to their Snapchat profiles to unveil each other stories or pictures.

Snapchat also offers to create a snap group of up to 32 people to engage with each other.

Users can add their friends or individuals who are on the friend list of their Snapchat accounts.

How to create a group on Snapchat?

Users can simply create a group of 32 people at once.

This app allows its users to add those participants in the Snapchat group who are on the friend list of their Snapchat profiles.

  • To create the group on Snapchat, users need to go to “Friends list” and then choose the “+” icon to create the group.
  • Now choose the friends from your friend’s list that you want to add to your group, afterward tap on the option of “Create”.
  • Users can only add those participants who are available to the friend’s list, other individuals who are not added to the friend list can not be added to the Snapchat group.
  • To add such sort of individuals, users need to add them to their friend’s list prior to adding them to the group.

Stories screen

Snapchat permits its users to share or view the stories of their friends.

Users can post their story that is accessible to all the participants who are added to their friend’s list.

This story is only available for a period of 24 hours and afterward, it will automatically vanish.

Users can delete their stories at any time.

This feature allows individuals to see the stories of their friends and to post their stories to show them to their friends as well.

When users post a story on their account, it is accessible to all their friends for the duration of 24 hours.

Snapchat never shows your story to any participant who is not added to your friend’s list unless you have turned on the subscriber’s option on your account.

With that option, you are granting access to all those people to show your story who are not added to your friend’s list but are following you or have subscribed to you.


Spotlight is a feature of Snapchat that enables users to explore the profiles and the content from all over the world.

While exploring the profiles or the content from the world you can add it to your favorites list by tapping ” Heart Emoji“ on specific content.

Individuals can see their favorites list contains up to 30 days since the date content was added to the favorites list.

Users can explore their favorites list by clicking the option of “My spotlight favorites” on Snapchat.

Context cards

A context card is a feature of the Snapchat app that provides additional information to the users about the place mentioned in the stories.

Context card not only provides information about the specific place mentioned in the story but also permits you to book a reserve for your sitting in a restaurant or ride for you.

Context card provides basic information about the place mentioned in the story as an address, phone number, street, location, etc.

This feature unrevealed the reviews of Snapchat partners or other individuals about the specific place mentioned in the story.

This feature provides the basic information about that specific location and helps you to take your decision regarding that specific place or station.

Users can get more information about that place after clicking the option of “More context cards”.

These reviews of individuals or Snapchat partners help you decide whether to choose that place in the future or not.

For example, if your friends mention a restaurant in their story, you can get the basic information and reviews about that restaurant by using this feature of context cards.


Bitmoji is the most attractive feature of Snapchat as it allows users to show themselves through graphical characters.

Users can create their display pictures for Snapchat through these features.

Bitmoji helps users to create their graphical characters according to their choice by exploring the stock available on Snapchat’s “Bitmoji” section.

Users can create their graphical representation by choosing their favorite dress, hair color, shoes, and facial from the stock.

Snapchat permits the individuals to share these Bitmoji with each other.

How to navigate Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social platform that allows users to share pictures, videos, and stories with each other.

Here are a few steps regarding how to navigate Snapchat.

Users need to search “Snapchat” on IOS or the play store to get access to this app.

Afterward, users need to download the app and install it on their devices.

Now sign-up and provides the email, username, and password to get sign-in to this app.

Once you get log-in, start exploring the other users and your friends on Snapchat.

Go to the search bar and start searching your friends by their names or explore them from the option of “Contacts”.

Through this feature, you can explore all your contacts that are using Snapchat, then add them to your account.

Users can also add individuals on Snapchat by pasting the snapcodes on the search bar.

  • Users can take the picture by clicking on the option of the “Camera” icon.
  • Users can post their stories as well to show them to their friends and social circle.
  • Individuals can make a streak by sharing content with each other on daily basis.
  • This app allows its users to communicate with each other through messaging option.


Snapchat is a social application that has accomplished a higher prevalence in no time.

The primary explanation of the outcome of this application, it has a ton of features that make it truly alluring for the clients.

Snapchat permits different features to its users that other social applications don’t.

plenty of features are associated with this app that is paving the way for its success.

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