Best Places To Visit in Istanbul Turkey- Tour Guidelines


Istanbul a Multicultural city also known as the Land of Empires & Conquerors still has the footprints of the Great rulers of the Ottoman Empires. 

Istanbul was the capital of the world’s largest regime known as the Ottoman Empire.

This city from the beginning was a place of multicultural people.

People around the world having different races were used to living in this city.

Despite witnessing many Wars, This city still stood tall and attracts people across the globe to explore its history, Culture, and Beauty.


Istanbul is the city that connects two continents Asia & Europe with each other.

This city is not only famous for Ottoman Regime but also known for many monuments across the city.

Istanbul was first known as Constantinople during the Regime of Roman Empires; later on, it is named Istanbul when the Ottomans took over this city.

This city is divided into many Districts over its rising population graph as it has almost 15.46 inhabitants till 31 Dec 2020

Best places to visit in Istanbul

There are many monumental spots in Istanbul, here is the list of famous touring spots that you can explore in Istanbul.

Blue Mosque

Blue mosque is one of the prime tourist spots that attract millions of tourists every year from around the world to Istanbul.

It is the most wonderful architect of the Ottoman Empires that witness their love with the architecture.

 It is built by Sultan Ahmet during his reign and it is located near “Sultan Ahmet Meydan”. Visitors can explore the Blue mosque without buying any entry ticket or entry fee.

Istanbul Grand Bazar

Istanbul Grand Bazar is the most visited place by the tourists and attracted many visitors towards it every year.

This place is like a market where you can buy food items, Antique art, Ancient items, and different products that reflect different cultures of different creeds.

Istanbul grand Bazar is also considered the busiest place in Istanbul. It is located at Beyazıt, Kalpakçılar Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey.

Maidan’s Tower

Maidan’s Tower is located in the sea and you need a boat or ferry to reach out there. It is considered the Greek’s earliest settlement and is also considered an attractive touring spot in Istanbul.

Istanbul Bosphorus

Istanbul Bosphorus also known as the Bosphorus straits of Istanbul is the most attractive spot for tourists. It is located in the northwest of Istanbul and considers the boundary between the Asian and European continents. It connects the Marmara Sea with the Black sea.

Many tourists are attracted to this spot and explore this spot every year. Visitors prefer to cruise visit there to explore the sea and beauty of Istanbul.


This place is the most attractive place in Istanbul. Standing at this place you feel like you are exploring the most beautiful place in the world. Ortakoy gives you a view of the sea, the Bosphorus Bridge, and the skyscrapers of Istanbul.

There are many food stations situated near Ortakoy that offer a variety of foods to the visitors. It is situated in the middle of the European bank of the Bosphorus.

Galata Tower

Galata tower portrays the True love of Turks with the unique architects. Although it was built by the Roman Empires after its destruction, Ottoman Empires convert it into a real face.

This tower used to be a prison in the past. It is located at the Beyoglu Istanbul and you can explore Istanbul through this tower. It is also known as the watch tower and is considered the highest point of Istanbul where you can explore the city.

Topkapi Palace

This famous place is located in the Fatih district of Istanbul. Topkapi palace or the Museum is evidence of the Turk’s love for the unique architects.

This place was built by Sultan Ahmed after he conquered Istanbul back in the 15th century. Topkapi palace also contains the Haram in it that is worth watching for the people.

Istanbul Archeology museum

If you have a plan to visit Topkapi place then you must be aware of the Istanbul archeology museum. This place is situated near Topkapi palace where you will explore the ancient culture, traditions, and customs of a different civilization.

Hagia Sofia

This place has become quite controversial in recent times when the Turkish president turns its status from Church to Mosque. Hagia Sofia is located in Fatih, Istanbul, and attracts many visitors from around the globe towards it.

Many historians believe that it was the church during the tenure of the Roman Empire but when Ottoman Empire took over Istanbul from the Romans they changed its status from Church to Mosque. Later on, in the 20th century, it turned into a Museum, and in the 21st century in 2020, it again got the status of a Mosque.

Basilica Cistern

This is the most attractive and hot spot for tourists as it is considered the most ancient architecture in Istanbul. It was built in the 6th century and designed as it seems like a giant underground hall.

Suleymaniye Mosque

This monumental mosque was built by the sultan Suleman during his reign. Sultan Suleman built this mosque as a symbol of the Turk’s glory.

This mosque has a garden where many cemeteries of the Ottomans Empires can be found. Sultan Suleman and his most loved wife Hurram sultan both buried there.

Chora Church

Chora means “Beautiful” in the Greek language. This church is worth watching if you are exploring Istanbul. It was built in the 5th century and reflects Roman architecture that still remains in its original shape.

Hotels in Istanbul

There are many options for the tourists when it comes to the Hotels in Istanbul. from 5-star hotels to 2-star hotels, you can find out every sort of option but it all depends upon your budget & choices.

Sheraton Istanbul

This is a 5-star hotel that includes every luxury that a 5-star hotel owns. Sheraton Hotel is located in the prime location of Istanbul. It is located in the city center of Istanbul and 25 mi away from the Istanbul Airport. The price of one night’s stays at this hotel for a single person costs around 240$ including all the taxes and breakfast.

Address: Hacı Ahmet Mah. Kurtuluş Deresi Cad. No:23 Beyoğlu , Beyoglu, 34440 Istanbul, Turkey 

Four seasons Istanbul

Four seasons hotel is the most luxurious hotel of the city located on Bosphorus. This hotel has a total distance of 30.2km from the Airport. It is a 5-star hotel including all the facilities like Wi-Fi, Gym, Sea view, Spa, Pool, Sports club, etc. The price of one night’s stay at this hotel cost around 1320$ including breakfast.

Address: Ciragan Cad. No:28, Besiktas, Besiktas, 34349 Istanbul, Turkey

Hilton Istanbul

Hilton Hotel is a 5-star luxurious hotel that is located on the Bosphorus. This hotel includes all the luxury of a 5-star hotel and has a total distance of 39km from the Airport. One stay at this hotel would cost around 235$ per night including all the taxes and breakfast.

Address: Harbiye, Cumhuriyet Cd. No:50, 34367 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey•+90 212 315 60 00.

The list of other Luxurious hotels in Istanbul is mentioned below.

  • Holiday in Hotel
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • The peak hotel Hotel
  • Istanbul Hotel

Istanbul Weather

Istanbul weather is considered the most pleasant weather on the continent as it offers all the season to the inhabitants.

The Winter season starts in the mid of October and the temperature falls below negative during Dec-Jan. The summer season starts in April and lasted until September.

Jun-Jul is the hottest month of the summer when the temperature touches 30 degrees.

The weather of this city never keeps you hot or humid as rains often cool down the temperature during the entire season of the summer.

This city mostly offers cold weather to the inhabitants and people amuse with snow falling during the winter.

Istanbul Time      

Istanbul time varies from region to region or country to country. This city’s time zone is 7 hours ahead of Washington DC, USA. Users can also check out the time of this city through this link

Sunrise: 05:32A.M

Sunset: 08:40A.M

Day length: Almost 15 hours (summer)

The time difference between Istanbul compared to the other regions of the globe is mentioned below.

Time differenceCity name
+7 hoursWashington Dc
+1 hoursMunich
-7 hoursSydney
+7 hoursToronto
+7 hoursNew York
+1 hoursParis
+2 hoursLondon

Istanbul Currency

Lira is the official currency of Turkey and if you are going on a trip to turkey then you must keep the Lira with you.

Visitors can spot Currency Exchange at the airport and can replace their currency with lira at the latest exchange rate.

You can find a lot more options for the Currency exchange outside the airport as well. Currently, the Turkish lira is trading around 1 USD=17.34 Lira (June 2022).

Istanbul Map

Tourists can face the problem to explore the Monuments of this beautiful city.

For that Visitors can find out printed maps of the city on the local shops or you can find out the map via this link.

Visitors can also hire a local tour advisor to ease this problem.

Istanbul travel cost

Istanbul cost varies and depends upon your choices.

If you opted out for a luxury 5-star hotel, it would cost differently.

If you choose a 3-star hotel or local food during your stay in this city, it would cost entirely different.  

  • Two-star hotel: Such sorts of places cost quite less as compared to the 5-star hotels. Usually, a two-star hotel in this city cost around 40$ maximum for a night’s stay without the inclusion of any food.

  • Food: Food prices totally depend upon individuals’ choices. If you choose luxury restaurants to dine in, then it would cost you more as compared to the local restaurants.  The average cost of a meal from local spots costs you somewhere between 20-50 lira. Mcmeal at Mcdonald’s cost 60 lira while shawarma cost 3 lira. Prices of grilled meats at local restaurants cost around 25-30 lira.

  • Drinks: Prices of drinks depends upon your choices. If you choose branded drinks it would cost you more as compared to the local products. Price of tea in this city can cost you 2 lira while coffee costs you 3 lira. Same as water bottle of 500ml costs around 0.75 lira while domestic beer can be purchased at the price of 40 lira.

Estimated prices for a tour of Istanbul

 AccommodationFoodTransportAttractionAvg. cost per day
Low range35-40 $15-20$10$10$65-70$
Medium Range80-120$30-60$12$-30$15$80-100$
Expensive180-250$70-200$Up to 50$30$150-350$

Istanbul Travel Guidelines for the Tourist

  • Istanbul Card: This city has a vast and developed public transport network that facilitates the passengers across the city. Passenger can make their Istanbul card while using the public transport or can generate the token from the vending machines installed at various spots prior to travel on public transport. Never use cabs or taxis in this city as they cost too much.
  • Avoid expensive areas: Always avoid staying in expensive areas when you have a limited budget. Never choose Balat, Fener, Ortkoye Bosphorus, or Etiler places to stay if you have a limited budget for the tour. All these areas are the Luxurious areas of the city and they cost too much.
  • Prefer to walk: Always try to reach your destination by walking if the destination is not too far or choose the local tram rather than Taxis or cabs.
  • Always keep water bottle: Bring a water bottle along with you: Always try to keep a water bottle in your bag while touring different monuments. Water bottles are not costly there but many places in this city have steep streets that could affect the asthma patient.
  • Keep yourself safe: always beware if you are passing through quiet areas. Try to choose the main areas to reach your destination.
  • Prefer home to stay: Try to negotiate with the residents to get a room on a rental basis. Turkish people allow the visitors to let them stay at their homes as paid guests

When to Visit Istanbul

Always try to visit this city during the autumn or spring.

Prefer March or October to visit Istanbul as, during this span of time, the weather not too behaves too harsh like in December or June.

December is the coldest month of the year and June is the hottest month of the year; although the temperature reaches only 30 degrees during June.

Never visit Istanbul during December or January as the temperature falls below negative and snow could affect your trip.

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