IOS 14 Update- Features and Guidelines

IOS 14 update

ios 14

Apple releases its update for iPhone users and introduces new features in every update. IOS 14 update works on the iPhone 6s and the later models. Users having the model of iPhone 6s and the latter can check their settings to discover this IOS update.

IOS 14 release date

Apple launched the IOS 14 update in June 2020 and it was officially released in September 2020 for iPhone users. This new update adds up many key features to the apple devices like Home screen design, Siri updates, and many other key features.

Features of IOS 14 update

 IOS update introduces many new key features and changes in apple devices. There are numerous features that have been offered to the users with the IOS 14 update, a few of them are listed below.

Support for Widgets

One of the key features is the support for widgets that have made it easy for the users to drag any widget to the home screen and pinned in various sizes.

App library

app library is the interface where you can see all the apps that you have to download on your device. Any app you download on your device appears on the App library and the Home screen. But with the IOS 14 update, you can keep the app in the App library to keep your home screen clean.

Incoming phone calls

  Usually the iPhone 6 or the earlier models cover up the entire screen on receiving the phone calls. The IOS 14 update never covers up the screen rather than showing the incoming calls on the top corner.


prior to the IOS 14 update, iPhone devices usually cover the entire screen of the iPhone when users select the Siri activation. Once the device is updated to the Ios 14 then the Siri activation will show at the bottom with the small Siri icon.

Picture in Picture

same as incoming calls take up the entire screen of the iPhone, the videos or the conversation on facetime cover up the screen of the iPhone before the IOS 14 . With this update, Users are allowed to use other apps while videos or facetime conversations will appear on the corner or users can relocate to any corner of the phone.

App clips

with this update users are allowed to use several apps without downloading. This is one of the best features of this update that facilitates the users in many aspects. App clips facilitate the users in many aspects such as reserving a place in restaurants, purchase of a drink or any edible item, renting a car, etc. App clips operate with the involvement of the Apple-designed app clip codes, Tags, and QR scan.

Pin the Messages

Apple with the update IOS 14 permits the users to save their important text for future use. With this feature, users can pin their text or important message for future use. Users can find out these pinned messages within no time.

Mention feature

App has enabled the users to receive a notification of being mentioned by the other companions in a group chat. With this feature, if you are not in a chat group or using the other apps, you will get notified of being mentioned by the other fellow in the group chat.

Memoji option

With this new update, the users can get the bulk of memoji options on their devices.

This IOS 14 update contains many memoji options like unique stickers, trendy hairstyles, Face coverings, etc.

There are numerous features included in the IOS 14 that has induced many features to the apps like Health app, Weather app, Find my phone app, etc.

How to download the IOS 14 update

  • Users can download the IOS 14 update on their iPhone 6s or later models.
  • Open your settings of the device and then go to “General”.
  • Afterward, click the option of ”software update” and allow the device to check the new update.
  • Allow the device to download & install the update.
  • Users can also allow the device to download the latest update by changing the settings.

Versions of IOS 14 update

Currently, the latest version of the IOS 14 is 14.8.1 which is available to download.

Before this version the 14.7 that was running successfully on the iPhone devices. Earlier 14.5 versions were facilitating the iPhone 6s users or later models with the unique features.   

 Spotify widget ios 14

With the IOS 14 update, many apps updated with the new features, and Spotify also get the same fate.

A series of versions of the IOS 14 has been introduced to compensate iPhone users.

How to add Spotify widget on IOS 14 update

Users need to follow the following steps to add the Spotify widget to the App on the IOS 14 .

  • Make sure widgets are visible on the Spotify app. Update the Spotify, in case you haven’t updated it yet.
  • Touch and hold the app for some time until the home screen starts shaking.
  • Now click the “Add button” that is in the left corner of the screen.
  • Choose the Spotify widget from the available list.
  • Now choose the size of the widget according to your choice.
  • Click the option of “Add widget”.
  • Now place the Spotify widget on the home screen in the desired location.
  • In the end, click the option of “Save”.


IOS 14 update facilities the iPhone 6s or the later models’ users.

User having the iPhone 6s or the later can update their phone to IOS 14 and can enjoy new features.

This update enables the users to meet with the many new features that they never witnessed before.

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