Activated charcoal tablets- Benefits & Uses

activated charcoal tablets


Activated charcoal is widely used across the world for several purposes. Many individuals are not aware of the benefits of charcoal tablets while many are taking these pills to cure their disease. These tablets are used by many individuals since ancient times as a medical treatment.


Activated charcoal tablets are odorless and tasteless that have black appearances. Charcoal is made of coal, wood, peat, or obtained from petroleum as their bi-products.

Activated charcoal is made by using calcium chloride solutions and later on treated/Baked at a special temperature to form the pills.

Charcoal tablets uses

Activated charcoal tablets are used for several purposes. few of them are mention below;

Charcoal tablets for gas

These charcoal tablets contain a negative electrical charge that attracts a positive electrical charge such as gas. Once you swallow this pill and it reaches your stomach, it would catch the toxins, gases, or other chemicals that are going to absorb into your body.

These toxins, gases, or chemicals would exit through stool from your body rather than be absorbed in your body.

Charcoal pills for diarrhea

Activated charcoal tablets are considered the cure for diarrhea. These pills have an antecedent effect on diarrhea patients and allow the patients to recover from disease within no time.

Charcoal pills for stomach

Activated charcoal pills are also used for the treatment of various diseases along with gut or stomach-related diseases. These pills are quite effective in treating gut diseases or individuals suffering from stomach ailment disorders.  

Charcoal pills for food poisoning

Charcoal tablets are believed to be much effective for patients who have to swallow poison or are victims of food poisoning. These tablets are also used in ancient times for the treatment of the poison swallowed by people consciously or unconsciously.

In such cases, medical experts may recommend the dose of 50-100gram immediately for the aged or 10-50 grams for the children based on their age.  

Charcoal pills for cholesterol level

Activated charcoal tablets help to keep the cholesterol level moderate. Many patients who have the ailment of cholesterol can take the pills or powder form of activated charcoal after consulting their medical experts.

In old studies, it has been found that taking 24 grams of activated charcoal per day for a month can reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol) by up to 25% while can increase the HDL (good cholesterol) by up to 8%.

Taking 4-30 grams of activated charcoal on daily basis could cause the reduction of LDL up to 30-40%.

Charcoal pills for domestic use

Activated charcoal pills are used to treat ailments like Diarrhea. It is one of the most effective treatments for Diarrhea patients to recover from the sickness within no time.

These pills are also used to clean or whiten teeth. Individuals who are suffering from bad odor or have cavities can use these pills in powder form to treat their teeth. Charcoal pills also help to absorb staining compounds of teeth and make them brighter and clean.

Activated charcoal pills are also used in skin treatment and help to remove or reduce acne or dandruff. These pills also facilitate in treatment of the water and remove the containments from the water and make it safe to use for drinking or other domestic purposes.

How does it works

Individuals can take the activated charcoal in powder or pill form which can help them to recover from various diseases. Activated charcoal pills have microscopic holes and a porous texture that contains a negative electric charge that attracts the positive electric charge once entered your gut.

Activated charcoal after entering your gut absorbs the toxins, gases, and chemicals, and exits them through stool. These gases, toxins, and chemicals otherwise could absorb into your body and can have an adverse impact on your health. 

Alternative (burned toast)

Burned toast is considered the alternative to activated charcoal. It is also known as the Universal antidote and the most impactful alternative to activated charcoal. Ground black sesame seeds, black food coloring, and squid are also considered the alternative to activated charcoal.

Is it safe to use?

Activated charcoal is widely used on a commercial or domestic level to cure many diseases and several other purposes. These tablets are considered to be secure and have no adverse effect on human life but sometimes show side effects resulting in vomiting.

Side effects of activated charcoal can worsen if someone has already a gut ailment or other severe diseases like cancer, hepatitis etc. patients suffering from critical diseases take these pills after consulting their doctors.


In a nutshell, Activated charcoal tablets have been used as a remedy for various diseases since ancient times. It is commonly used to cure the poison swallowed by individuals or to cure the diseases like Diarrhea, Gut problems.

Despite having many advantages, activated charcoal tablets are not preferred for every individual, to avoid the severe impact or the side effects consult your doctor prior to use.

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